Heavenly Father,
I Come before you today to ask for
a financial blessing to improve my life.
My faith keeps me strong,
and I know you will provide for me
and the people I love.
I do not seek a large sum of money.
I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts
or luxury. I only ask for enough money
to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.
Give me the means to do your work,
and spread your Love. I have so much
to give, if only I were allowed the chance.
In your name I pray, Amen
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Call for miracle money

Miracle money is money that miraculously appears in someone’s purse, wallet, pocket, or bank account to demonstrate the power of God. Preachers who allegedly dispense miracle money claim the power to declare “miracle finances” over those at their miracle money crusades, with the result that some congregants find or receive money instantaneously.

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